Friday, January 20, 2012

2-Week's Notice

I hope that title is punctuated correctly. I don't want the author of "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" to come after me. Anyway, the picture to the left is what it looks like to finish a 50-mile run. I've titled it "Banged" because there's nothing left at the end-you're shot. You're covered in salt, gels, drink and stink! Who wants a hug?

OK - on with the show. In two weeks I should be on a plane heading to Texas to knock out my 3rd 50 in under six months. I'll be invading the Rocky Raccoon 50 with my teammate Davo. It's going to be exciting to hear how he enjoyed his first 50-miler. He's a 3:00 marathoner and I'm wondering how the extra 23.8 miles are going to treat his legs and his mind.

I say mind because it's not all about legs once you get over 3-4 hours of running. You need to be mentally strong (and a little crazy). The little aches, pains and stomach bugs start playing with your head. It's not really fear that sinks's more like desperation. Most people can suffer through a marathon. It's when you have to double the distance that a new level of "spirituality" comes to the forefront. I've seen the faces of runners pulling out 30 miles into a race and they are marked with despair. They've trained and have been dreaming of this day for months and it's falling apart. They would trade just about anything to be able to finish and get that medal.

This is where the bargaining starts in the brain. OK legs...get me up that next rise and I swear I will give you a month off from running. My personal favorite: Come on body-just keep chugging to the finish line and I swear I will stop drinking beer and even stop cursing (not easy for us Irish).

You know, for all the crap Tim Tebow gets for praying as a football player I would like to remind us all of some of the prayers we have put forth.

Who hasn't thought/said the following prayers?

1. Dear God, please don't let me crap my shorts!
2. Oh God, please don't let that be a bear.
3. God can you make this pain in my knee go away for just another 4-hours?
4. Please God please let that be an aid station at the top of this climb.
5. Lord Almighty can you please help me push negative splits to make my PR?
6. Can you give that guy that just passed me a cramp? Just a little calf cramp...

Do any of these sound familiar? Care to add any?