Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Shiz(not)

Sometimes I run so much I forget that nobody really cares if I'm a runner. It happens in a lot of sports. Surely if I am spending 14-hours a week running some one should not only care but probably be paying the bill. I can't believe I'm paying for my own running shoes...what the hell?

And so it goes with us "half-letes" these days. Since we chose to dedicate our lives to something for OUR OWN good we must be looked up at, paraded around as talented and thus treats of shoes, visors and socks should fall from the sky. ALL HAIL THIS MIGHTY ATHLETE!

But...who cares? And who the hell should? Go for your run, swim or bike (yes, tri-geeks I know that is not the proper order) and then get back to work or whatever you do. I don't need to be lectured, Tweeted at or Facebooked that you went for a bike ride...
Want to send out an important Tweet? Let me know the next time you are going to the grocery store so I can have you pick up some frozen pizza for me. I don't care that you are the Mayor of Starbucks in Boulder.

And for God's sake have fun while you are out there! Say "hello" to another runner or walker. Wave at a cyclist. I find it so amusing that I can look you right in the eye and say hello and you just ignore me. NEWSFLASH: You're not on a Wheaties box so you can at least be polite. Stop taking yourself so seriously-it's just running.

XOXO-The idiot that likes to be social (in person) and is enjoying every minute of it!

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