Friday, September 16, 2011

Before (looking for an After)

I'm zipping up the suitcase and heading out the door loaded with running shoes, clothes and band-aids. Tomorrow is the Steamboat 50 mile Run Rabbit Run. This will be my first 50 miler. I've done a 50k, Ironman and tons of other events but this one has me...not worried...intrigued. I don't know if I can do this distance. It's not for a lack of training, will or drive. I think it comes from a lack of experience at this distance.

I've studied and have enough supplies for two runners so I would say I am as prepared as I can be. By this time tomorrow I will be approaching mile 18-20. I've decided that miles 31-41 will be the hardest. This stretch is into the unknown and leads up to single digit miles to the finish. Usually the light at the end of the tunnel (single digits) is enough to get a runner to the finish. I'm excited to get to that point in the race.

My mind already knows something big is coming and it is venturing to my happy place. My eyes are open but there is no real focus. Just the feeling I need to relax and keep moving. The world is moving around me but I am in my own place. I hear words but do not absorb them and I am losing track of time. It is in this place I will face the hardest miles and carry on one foot after another.

And hopefully Sunday morning there will be an "After" story to tell.

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