Wednesday, September 21, 2011


The week after a long running event is silly. Knees buckle without warning and stairs are best handled backwards. Before I found Darn Tough socks (not a sponsor) I would be wincing when the bed sheets touched my toes. Still I thud and twist around the house and just plain looked clumsy.

I tried to run today and I was awful. Four days after the event and I still have some healing to do. If it wasn't for the homeless guy who rolled out of the weeds and sat up on the trail I would have walked a lot more. Too many Zombie movies had me running past the "Urban Outdoorsman" quickly. By this weekend I'll be just about right and hopefully gliding across the trail and not pounding the ground like I'm inserting fence posts with my feet.

For now I'll keep up with the Ibuprofen, compression and spirited walks around the parks. Fall weather is here and I don't want to miss a day!

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